Welcome to Fastrack Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Fastrack VISION

To be known for its effectiveness in improving the socio-economic condition of its members, and efficiency in delivering quality service to its clients.

Fastrack MISSION

To provide meaningful partnership that satisfies the expectations of its members and its clients.


To create opportunities that will provide productive and meaningful employment.

To help companies to be cost-effective and competitive through retention of quality work force.

To improve the lives of its members and contribute to nation-building through creation of employment opportunities.

  • As a cooperative, Fastrack distributes its surplus (income) to the members as dividend and patronage refund which served as additional source of income.

  • Since income of cooperative belongs to its members, all statutory benefits and other requirements of the law are willingly provided to the employees.

  • By giving regular employment, skills and knowledge of workers are retained by the company through controlled employee turnover.

  • Workers from cooperatives proved to be more productive and cost-effective compared to company‚Äôs regular employees and 5-month employees.

  • Coordination, recruitment, termination, labor cases, payroll processing, benefits administration and HRIS management are taken out of the company and done by Fastrack.

  • As owners of the cooperative, the members are more engaged, give extra-mile, and provide quality service.

  • Cooperative members also enjoy certain benefits like loan facility from affiliate cooperatives and contributions from members in case of death.

  • The government encourages the cooperative by providing tax incentives and other legal benefits to its members.

  • By engaging with Fastrack, companies help in the distribution of wealth compared to an agency that provides economic benefits to few individuals.